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PJ Sampson Multi-Media Producer

North Little Rock, Arkansas
Artist Development, Brand Marketing, & Motivational Speaker

P J Sampson is an established and growing multimedia marketing company. As the CEO/Founder and President of REBIRTH4LOVE . PJ Sampson’s exposure into the music scene industry, became a reality for her by utilizing the industry behind the scenes, successfully impacting her experience in the music industry for artists who have an interest in all areas of the music industry for total exposure as she her professional services.

PJ Sampson’s name first emerged on the music scene in 2009 as a person who can manage, educate up-and-coming artists, producers and songwriters on what to expect from the industry. PJ Sampson believes as an executive, “I can help implement the kind of change that will benefit both sides.”

PJ Sampson develops new opportunities on her platform for emerging artists in Music, Comedy, Poetry and Spoken Word Poetry by assisting them on how to efficiently develop their craft while entertaining the community.

PJ Sampson is a staunch advocate and spokesperson for Alzheimer’s and the Dementia epidemic that affects millions of people in the world, as a concerned citizen for Humanity since 2012. As an Evangelist, she has also assisted Speakers, Ministries and Book Authors in Kingdom Building since 2012.

Consulting & Mentoring sessions include but are not limited to:

●Music production and project management
●Procurement of new business and networking opportunities
●Talent management and representation
●Brand Partnerships and collaborations
●Product Development
●Artist Development

PJ Sampson Multi-Media Producer

We Meet Your Goal

Gwen (Gigi) Adams-Evans CEO/PRODUCER


Giwiz Productions

Is a Georgia content-based freelance writing company specializing in content acquisition, development, manuscript submissions, ghost writing, playwriting and script-writing.

We read and evaluate your manuscripts with detailed critique on your work. Our fee based reader service writing packages are as follows:

We read your manuscript thoroughly and write a comprehensive,in-depth analysis and review of your work.

We cover all significant aspects of the art of storytelling and the craft of manuscript adaptation as they relate to your script. Structure, plot, character, dialogue and formatting are areas to be covered in detail. Many feature films have been adapted from novels. Genres include fiction, biographical, drama, romance, comedy, inspirational.

Gwen (Gigi) Adams-Evans CEO/PRODUCER