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Gwen D. Adams Evans  (CEO/Founder of Giwiz Productions LLC ) and Co- partner Patricia Sampson (CEO/Founder of Rebirth4Love ),work together toward the bonding of life souls who reach out to us to help them in their creative endeavors. We merge as one love in the sisterhood of Christ to offer individual creative writing services and music management, web developing, entertainment promoter services for creative artists.  

Our lives and our crafts are for humanity. Gwen and Patricia believe as God’s soldiers, we are truly reaching to others every day, because God places us where he wants us to be, and sends those to us that he believes we can help to further develop and enhance their creative talents.

*Giwiz Productions LLC’s symbol represents unity as the triangle evolves, meaning the divine spirit in its threefold revelation as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. From the Holy Spirit evolves the “square of the building”, the embodiment of the divine idea within the substance”.